Indoor plant shaped like a rope

Indoor plant shaped like a rope

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If you're looking for an exotic indoor plant that's very easy to grow, take a look at hoya also sometimes called wax plant. This unique houseplant is a vine but don't worry; it's not a fast-growing one! It's among the most tolerant of all houseplants. Hoya is often sold in hanging baskets, but its lanky stems will trail from tall containers such as urns, too. Or, if you want to grow it upright, supply a trellis or totem and let hoya supply vertical interest to your home or office. Hoya Questions?

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  • The Twisted Hoya carnosa ‘Compacta’
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  • Hoya carnosa Compacta - Rope Plant

Hoya Rope Plant: How to Care for This Unique Plant!

Growing trend in indoor plants driven by social media and small spaces. Trends come and go in all things, from clothing to pets to interior design; plants too go through fashion ups and downs. Greg Kerrin runs a nursery and has noticed the indoor plant trends of the s and '80s are back with a vengeance.

From monsteras to ribbon plants, succulents and cactus, to philodendrons and ferns, all varieties of indoor plants are suddenly in demand again, at times putting pressure on nurseries for supply.

Research has shown indoor plants make the room, and the people living there, healthier and happier. Mr Kerrin said he believed the demand was also being driven by social media, as people see plants posted online and want one for themselves. The most popular plants tend to be hardy ones that do not need much care to keep growing, with succulents being bought, sold and swapped in huge numbers.

Plants such as spider plants, ribbon plants, snake vines, mother-in-law's tongue and maiden-hair ferns can go a few weeks between waterings and do not need much fertiliser. With more Australians living in flats, apartments and medium-density housing, hanging gardens and vertical gardens have also grown in popularity.

But if you do not have space for pots at all, you can still grow an air plant or two. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work.

Posted 31 Mar 31 Mar Sat 31 Mar at pm. How indoor plants boost air quality, mental wellbeing. More on:. Tilbage til toppen. Footer ABC News homepage.

Houseplants brighten the winter home

Common names for Hoya carnosa compacta include the Hindu rope plant, Krinkle Kurl, porcelain flower, and wax plant. Each of these highlights a distinctive characteristic of this unique plant. Its draping vines resemble thick ropes with their crowded, contorted leaves. These fleshy, curled leaves, which may be either solid dark green in color or variegated green and white, have an attractive glossy or waxy appearance. The clusters of small star-shaped flowers are also often waxy. And they are so delightfully perfect, they appear to be made of porcelain. Hoya carnosa compacta is a popular variety of the Hoya genus to grow as a houseplant — with good reason.

Pilea peperomioides (a.k.a. Chinese money plant) · Ficus benghalensis 'Audrey' · Hoya carnosa compacta (a.k.a. Hindu rope Hoya) · Cereus peruvianus.

Hoya Hindu Rope Green

Store Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm. Christmas Eve 9am-3pm. Ingen kommentarer. Chambers Road Aurora CO. You might have seen the Mile Marker boards that parents create for their children — they highlight things like the height, weight, likes, and dislikes of their child at various stages of life. Hoya Hindu Rope is an epiphytic semi-succulent with very curiously shaped leaves and incredible clusters of pink and white star-shaped flowers. The succulent aspect of the plant enjoys dry soil and stores its water in its leaves like other succulents.

DIY Kokedama: Japanese-Style Houseplant Display With Moss Balls

It has curled and twisted leaves packed tightly along the trailing stems. Water thoroughly spring to fall, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Don't let it sit in soggy soil. In fall and winter, water less but don't let the root ball dry out. Cut the plant back occasionally.

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How to Care for Indoor Plants While You’re on Vacation

Grow them near the window and add a lot of appeal to your home! This hoya variety looks great in hanging baskets with blush pink and white variegated leaves and delicate, sweet-smelling flowers. Pilea depressa is an ideal choice for hanging baskets! Its evergreen small green leaves trail beautifully from the rim of the planters. Also known as Fantasy Venice, it has white, purple, green, and pink patterns on its leaves. The plant also produces small yellow-white blooms from pink buds in the growing season.

These Will Be the Hottest Houseplants of 2021

Native to southern India, these plants found their way to North America and were trending in the s houseplant craze. Hoyas produce clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers of various colors depending on the variety. They are also renowned for their gorgeous foliage, their ability to propagate, and general easy care. We will cover some plant specifics and aim to have you rushing to your nearest local greenhouse to pick out one of your own or to add to your existing hoya collection! It is hard to narrow this exact number down, but sources can agree that there are hundreds between true hoyas, cultivars, and hybrids! The hoya collection list goes on and on. Still, certain varieties are wonderful go-tos for the beginner hoya houseplant parents out there or for the houseplant fanatics that want to add something requiring a little less maintenance to their indoor crop. Most hoyas have waxy foliage, as demonstrated in their nickname, but they are not succulents.

The Hindu rope plant is an interesting gnarled and curvy hanging plant. It has cupped leaves and a vine-like growth habit. Being a succulent, it will go.

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Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full affiliate disclosure at the bottom of the page. Hoya plants come in many different types. One of the most popular, and perhaps most unique looking, is the Hoya Carnosa Compacta.

The Twisted Hoya carnosa ‘Compacta’

The Hindu rope plant, or Hoya carnosa compacta , is a draping compact succulent plant that is native to East Asia and Australia, and in particular, South India. A part of the Hoya genus and of the dogbane family, the hoya carnosa compacta is known with a variety of names, including Hindu rope plant, Krinkle Kurl, wax plant, porcelain flower, Indian rope, Angel rope and hoya compacta. While the hoya carnosa is a popular house plant due to its thick, waxy evergreen leaves and tight clusters of waxy flowers, the Compacta variety of hoya carnosa is even more beautiful. The Hindu rope plant retains its stunning wax-like features, but its perennial foliage is unique, adorning its vines with thick crinkly, cupped leaves, giving it a beautiful weaved aspect. In fact, its most famous name, Hindu rope plant, derives from its resemblance to a rope, albeit a much more attractive plant version. Even without blossoming, the Hindu rope is an extremely attractive house plant that is tailor-made for pots and hanging baskets.

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Hindu Rope Plant

Nothing can improve the atmosphere of our homes like a houseplant. The greenery can transform a room into a tropical paradise , and those gorgeous green leaves boost the air quality by producing oxygen and filtering out harsh chemicals. Many studies show that plants improve our concentration , mood, sleep, and creativity. Houseplants have always been popular—but here are the ones trending for and our tips on how to care for them! The striking leaves of these plants can easily become the centerpiece of your living decor. Originating in subtropical Asia and eastern Australia, there are many varieties of Alocasia, from exotic types with striking color patterns and variation, to classically refined and elegant.

Hoya carnosa Compacta - Rope Plant

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